The X500DistinguishedName class defines Distinguished Name (DN) properties for use in the X509Certificate class. The Distinguished Name protocol is specified in RFC1779.

This class is useful for any code that needs to examine a server certificate's Subject and Issuer DN after a secure socket connection has been established. Subject and Issuer DN data is accessible in the X509Certificate class's subject and issuer properties. These properties are populated with X500DistinguishedName objects after SecureSocket.connect() establishes a connection with the server.

This class stores DN attributes as string properties. You can use the toString() method to get all of the individual DN properties in one string. Properties with no DN value are set to null.

Note: The X500DistinguishedName properties store only the first occurrence of each DN attribute, although the DN protocol allows for multiple attributes of the same type.

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read onlycommonName:String

Returns the DN CommonName attribute.

read onlycountryName:String

Returns the DN CountryName attribute.

read onlylocalityName:String

Returns the DN LocalityName attribute.

read onlyorganizationName:String

Returns the DN OrganizationName attribute.

read onlyorganizationalUnitName:String

Returns the DN OrganizationalUnitName attribute.

read onlystateOrProvinceName:String

Returns the DN StateOrProvinceName attribute.



Returns all DN properties in one string.