This class provides the basic information used to start a process on the host operating system. It is constructed and passed to the start() method of a NativeProcess object.

Native process access is only available to Haxe "sys" targets and AIR applications installed with native installers (applications in the "extendedDesktop" profile).



Constructs an empty NativeProcessStartupInfo object.



The command line arguments that will be passed to the process on startup.

Each string in the arguments Vector will be passed as a separate argument to the executable, regardless of what characters the string contains. In other words, there is an exact one-to-one correspondence; no re-interpretation occurs. AIR automatically escapes any characters in the string that need to be escaped (such as space characters).


The File object that references an executable on the host operating system. This should be the full path to the executable including any extension required.

Note: On Mac OS, to launch an executable within an application bundle, be sure to have the path of the File object include the full path the the executable (within the bundle), not just the path to the app file.


The File object that references the initial working directory for the new native process. If assigned a value where isDirectory is false, an ArgumentError is thrown.