The Clipboard class provides a container for transferring data and objects through the clipboard. The operating system clipboard can be accessed through the static generalClipboard property. A Clipboard object can contain the same information in more than one format. By supplying information in multiple formats, you increase the chances that another application will be able to use that information. Add data to a Clipboard object with the setData() or setDataHandler() method.


The ClipboardFormats class defines constants for the names of the standard data formats used with the Clipboard class. Flash Player 10 only supports TEXT_FORMAT, RICH_TEXT_FORMAT, and HTML_FORMAT.


The ClipboardTransferMode class defines constants for the modes used as values of the transferMode parameter of the Clipboard.getData() method. The transfer mode provides a hint about whether to return a reference or a copy when accessing an object contained on a clipboard.


The DockIcon class represents the macOS-style dock icon.


The Icon class represents an operating system icon.


The InteractiveIcon class is the base class for the operating system icons associated with applications.


The InvokeEventReason class enumerates values returned by the reason property of an InvokeEvent object.


The NativeApplication class represents this OpenFL application.


The NativeProcess class provides command line integration and general launching capabilities. The NativeProcess class lets an OpenFL application execute native processes on the host operating system. The OpenFL application can monitor the standard input (stdin) and standard output (stdout) stream of the process as well as the process's standard error (stderr) stream.


This class provides the basic information used to start a process on the host operating system. It is constructed and passed to the start() method of a NativeProcess object.


The NotificationType class defines constants for use in the priority parameter of the DockIcon bounce() method and the type parameter of the NativeWindow notifyUser() method.


The SystemIdleMode class provides constant values for system idle behaviors. These constants are used in the systemIdleMode property of the NativeApplication class.



The Updater class is used to update the currently running application with a different version. To use it, instantiate an Updater object and then call its update() method.