Provides support for MovieClip animations (or a single frame Sprite) when this class is overridden.

For example, the OpenFL SWF library provides a Timeline generated from SWF assets. However, any editor that may provide UI or display elements could be used to generate assets for OpenFL timelines.

To implement a custom Timeline, please override this class. Each Timeline can set their original animation frame rate, and can also provide Scenes or FrameScripts. OpenFL will automatically execute FrameScripts and request frame updates.

There are currently three internal methods which should not be called by the user, which can be overridden to implement a new type of Timeline:

attachMovieClip(); enterFrame(); initializeSprite();



The original frame rate for this Timeline.


An Array of Scenes contained within this Timeline.

Scenes are assumed to occur in order, so if the first Scene contains 10 frames, then the beginning of the second Scene will be treated as frame 11 when setting FrameScripts or implementing enterFrame().


An optional array of frame scripts to be executed.