Defines the values to use for sampler filter mode.


@:value(cast 0)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyANISOTROPIC16X:Context3DTextureFilter = 0

Use anisotropic filter with radio 16 when upsampling textures

@:value(cast 1)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyANISOTROPIC2X:Context3DTextureFilter = 1

Use anisotropic filter with radio 2 when upsampling textures

@:value(cast 2)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyANISOTROPIC4X:Context3DTextureFilter = 2

Use anisotropic filter with radio 4 when upsampling textures

@:value(cast 3)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyANISOTROPIC8X:Context3DTextureFilter = 3

Use anisotropic filter with radio 8 when upsampling textures

@:value(cast 4)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyLINEAR:Context3DTextureFilter = 4

Use linear interpolation when upsampling textures (gives a smooth, blurry look).

@:value(cast 5)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyNEAREST:Context3DTextureFilter = 5

Use nearest neighbor sampling when upsampling textures (gives a pixelated, sharp mosaic look).