The GameInput class is the entry point into the GameInput API. You can use this API to manage the communications between an application and game input devices (for example: joysticks, gamepads, and wands).




The KeyLocation class contains constants that indicate the location of a key pressed on the keyboard or keyboard-like input device. The KeyLocation constants are used in the KeyboardEvent.keyLocation property.


The Keyboard class is used to build an interface that can be controlled by a user with a standard keyboard. You can use the methods and properties of the Keyboard class without using a constructor. The properties of the Keyboard class are constants representing the keys that are most commonly used to control games.


The methods of the Mouse class are used to hide and show the mouse pointer, or to set the pointer to a specific style. The Mouse class is a top-level class whose properties and methods you can access without using a constructor. The pointer is visible by default, but you can hide it and implement a custom pointer.


The MouseCursor class is an enumeration of constant values used in setting the cursor property of the Mouse class.


The Multitouch class manages and provides information about the current environment's support for handling contact from user input devices, including contact that has two or more touch points(such as a user's fingers on a touch screen). When a user interacts with a device such as a mobile phone or tablet with a touch screen, the user typically touches the screen with his or her fingers or a pointing device. While there is a broad range of pointing devices, such as a mouse or a stylus, many of these devices only have a single point of contact with an application. For pointing devices with a single point of contact, user interaction events can be handled as a mouse event, or using a basic set of touch events (called "touch point" events). However, for pointing devices that have several points of contact and perform complex movement, such as the human hand, Flash runtimes support an additional set of event handling API called gesture events. The API for handling user interaction with these gesture events includes the following classes:


The MultitouchInputMode class provides values for the inputMode property in the openfl.ui.Multitouch class. These values set the type of touch events the Flash runtime dispatches when the user interacts with a touch-enabled device.