Defines the values to use for specifying the Context3D profile.


@:value(cast 0)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyBASELINE:Context3DProfile = 0

Use the default feature support profile.

This profile most closely resembles Stage3D support used in previous releases.

@:value(cast 1)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyBASELINE_CONSTRAINED:Context3DProfile = 1

Use a constrained feature support profile to target older GPUs

This profile is primarily targeted at devices that only support PS_2.0 level shaders like the Intel GMA 9xx series. In addition, this mode tries to improve memory bandwidth usage by rendering directly into the back buffer. There are several side effects:

  • You are limited to 64 ALU and 32 texture instructions per shader.
  • Only four texture read instructions per shader.
  • No support for predicate register. This affects sln/sge/seq/sne, which you replace with compound mov/cmp instructions, available with ps_2_0.
  • The Context3D back buffer must always be within the bounds of the stage.
  • Only one instance of a Context3D running in Constrained profile is allowed within a Flash Player instance.
  • Standard display list list rendering is driven by Context3D.present() instead of being based on the SWF frame rate. That is, if a Context3D object is active and visible you must call Context3D.present() to render the standard display list.
  • Reading back from the back buffer through Context3D.drawToBitmapData() might include parts of the display list content. Alpha information will be lost.

@:value(cast 2)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyBASELINE_EXTENDED:Context3DProfile = 2

Use an extended feature support profile to target newer GPUs which support larger textures

This profile increases the maximum 2D Texture and RectangleTexture size to 4096x4096

@:value(cast 3)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlySTANDARD:Context3DProfile = 3

Use an standard profile to target GPUs which support MRT, AGAL2 and float textures.

This profile supports 4 render targets. Increase AGAL commands and register count. Add float textures.

@:value(cast 4)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlySTANDARD_CONSTRAINED:Context3DProfile = 4

Use an standard profile to target GPUs which support AGAL2 and float textures.

This profile is an alternative to standard profile, which removes MRT and a few features in AGAL2 but can reach more GPUs.

@:value(cast 5)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlySTANDARD_EXTENDED:Context3DProfile = 5

Use standard extended profile to target GPUs which support AGAL3 and instanced drawing feature.

This profile extends the standard profile.

This profile is enabled on mobile platforms from AIR 17.0 and on Windows and Mac from AIR 18.0.